23rd Nov 2010Posted in: Blog 0
Rich and Poor
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I don't know what to do. I want to try and make things better but i am stuck like everyone else, running in circles just to avoid falling behind. So long as i am stuck in that way of life, i can't really contribute. Having children is kind of like saying you have hope for the future but also like saying you give up on contributing to your present environment. If you have children, you are too busy to help the world and all your attention is focused on the little miracle before you. Everyone else is supposed to give you a seat on the metro. Everyone else is supposed to help make your job of raising the next generation easier. But when you have a child, what are you doing to improve your world? I guess you raise your child as best you can and that is your contribution. Well, if that is the modus operandi then please raise us a prophet or a saviour because that is what we really need.

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