Physiology 1
27th Nov 2010Posted in: Blog 0
Physiology 1
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I went to pick up my beer, only to realize that the can was empty while the can next to it was full. Because i had suspected the can was full, my contrary muscles had contracted in order to compensate for the perceived weight of the object. When the can was picked up, my arm was directed to exert counter pressure on the upward force by pushing down. The beer can in my right hand was thus quickly lifted and then jerked downward because i had already anticipated the required force to push the can back to the table given my already anticipated required force to lift the can from the table. This suggests to me that there is planing going on at an unconscious level beneath every action. In fact, if you follow action backwards in time, i am sure you too will come to the conclusion that unconscious movement is inherent to action.

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