The power of sex
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The power of sex
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To my knowldedge, we have yet to address the issue of what is one of the most sought after natural ressources of all. Sex continues to be bought and sold, tax free, bartered traded, used as an economic stimulus and comercial incentive. Who then will proceed to a valuation of this most precious comodity?  It`s net worth to the economy surely exceeds that of tobacco and firearms together. Maybe even more than drugs and rock and roll combined. Hard to evaluate indeed because sex is so enmeshed in every other aspect of what we do that it is conceivably part of every economic, political and socio-economic activity we know of. You may be surprised to find out that women control the market when it comes to sex. They decide where, when, with whom, and how it shall take place. One could argue that all of men`s actions are somehow partially oriented towards gaining some influence over the process of sexual economy. One could further argue that men go to work and war all in the interests of securing natural human resources such as oil, food, shelter and not the least of which is sex. In our supposedly egalitarian culture where women have rightfully gained increasingly just shares of the legal, political, medical, scientific and economic rackets, men remain at a loss to explain why it is that they have continued to exert such little influence over the economy of sex. As it stands currently, men sit in wait for an opportunity, or throw themselves senselessly like a bunch of semen, sea men, see men into a race for what is perceived to be an infinitely limited natural resource. Testosterone levels run high as we have all witnessed while women are assured that through competition, only the best man will get the job and title of world class empregnator. The empregnator has no clothes. He is a fool moping about waiting to be selected. Men may not be comfortable with the label i have just stuck upon them. Women will surely not be comfortable with it because it implies that they can be held to account for men`s outrageous aggression and senseless competition with each other. Could women have had a greater role in the starting of the great world wars than was  previously thought. Interestingly, when we talk about the causes of previous world wars, we do not think of women as playing a major role. Feminism tells us that women entered the work force during the second world war as necessity and that they acted in support of the men who did the fighting. Feminism tells us that women got some of their first opportunities for equality as rare snipers in the Russian army or as factory workers in the U.S. Feminism does not teach women that they had a role to play in the manifestation of war long before the outset. Feminism does not confer any responsibility to women for the evil of the world but only for having been the victims of it. Feminism, like masculinism is not about looking at the self for all our good and bad qualities but rather an attempt to build the image of self by placing the self as a wounded hero in an unjust society. In the case of feminism, the unjust society is ruled by men who exert undue political influence and control over our lives.  I am currently looking for a single feminist author who presents the position that women are equally responsible for all the ills of the world. If you know of one, let me know please.

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