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Hi, thanks for visiting the about page. I am going to try and summarize my life's work and purpose on this planet in a couple of paragraphs. I grew up being exposed to acting, dancing and music. I didn't realize that visual art was the bigger part of my life's picture till later on. I pursued a bachelor's degree in psychology then, while I continued to guess at what my life was supposed to be, I completed a bachelor's degree in painting and drawing. Slowly, I was becoming a generalist. One day, upon flipping through an academic calendar, I discovered a field known as art therapy. I was ecstatic to find there was a discipline which combined my passions for art and psychology. Since then art therapy has become my life. It motivates everything I do, say, make and think. The theory and practice of art therapy are at the root of everything I put in my images. The work on this site comes from a place deeply concerned about the course of humanity; driven by a need to re-evaluate our accepted conceptualization of the universe as a machine rather than an organism. I paint in the most natural way possible, attempting always to return to the lowest common denominator of human being. Though a rational mind influences my painters instincts, I have learned to silence that chattering monkey and find a place which is literally beyond words. As forms and colours combine, meaning emerges in the image. I can look at the image the way a neurologist looks at neurons to see what the “inside” is doing. What I can see in these images are vestiges of who we could have been. Assembled in these paintings is an emergent language made up of pre-rational, pre-verbal, universal, immutable symbols. The symbols which surface tell me something at once general and specific about myself. Check out the painting below, called "General Specific" for an illustration of what I have been rambling about.

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