Art therapy can not fail
13th Feb 2011Posted in: Blog 0
Art therapy can not fail
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Art therapy can not fail because it stakes everything in the notion that people's creativity is the antidote for the majority of our suffering. It is through creativity that we solve all problems, find all solutions, evade all difficulties, find all any truths. How can that possibly fail? It is a knowledge field that field which bets on a sure winner idea. All of history has proven this idea correct. The idea that human creativity is the solution. The question then becomes how do we nurture and cultivate such creativity. A free internet is fundamental to the idea. It is an augmented means of consciousness which is indispensable to the solution finding creativity within human beings. It is surely this human creativity which Darwin would say is the cause of our domination over the planet. This creativity which accounts for our control of the animal kingdom. This creativity which is the source of all that we see around us, good and bad. In fact, no longer are we in any form of contact with the creation that was here before we were. The ultimate creation being our world. Only are we aware of that which we ourselves have created. Ipod ipod ear phones in our ears, tv's and computers  in our eyes, fashion on our bodies,  coporations and Farm Ecology in our stomachs, Institutions in our minds, these are the things with which our senses are concerned. Art therapy whispers you away from all that. It shows your senses are places for mere stimulation but means of knowing the universe. Art Therapy hints that your senses are a gateway into knowledge of self. Through you eyes, your ears, your touch, your body, you can better know the world and your place in it. In spite of all this, art therapy has great difficulty affirming it's scientific validity (''Validity'' is referred to as ''Value'' in ordinary civillian language...).  Surely, no one can doubt that art therapy is tied in with the creativity of human nature and no one can doubt that creativity is what saves us. I often wonder how Darwin would view the spontaneous emergence of art therapy in the mental health realm of activities. I am sure he would have quick come up with an explanation for it  but then again, Darwin can kind of get applied to just about anything can't it...perhaps a future blog post....

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