Perception, Observer, Consciousness, documentary style
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Perception, Observer, Consciousness, documentary style
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The reason why the documentary information sharing style has become so popular is that it places the viewer at center stage like no other medium can. Hollywood put stars at center stage and if we paid the right amount, we were allowed to sit front row, maybe even center of the row. If we were lucky enough to know someone important, we were given press passes or passes to the premiere. The documentary puts us on the stage, between two  or more viewpoints and says to us:'' now you figure it out you lazy bastard!'' We listen to everything, see the images, run every faculty in our brain to process whether or not we are being lied to. We make up a point of view by the end of it. What is interesting about the documentary style is that it places a minimum of 3 perspectives in the game. One argument for, one argument against and one observer who is standing in the third person position. This observer is empowered even though biased, with the ability to observe two arguments in opposition and has the priviledged ability to analyse and in a sense, play intellectual god in the real of his own intellect. No Rambo movie ever dared to put that much power in the hands of the spectator.

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