Science versus Nature
21st Mar 2011Posted in: Blog 0
Science versus Nature
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When it comes to a really delicious royal Gala or Empire apple, there is is absolutely nothing science could do to take it away from me. No amount of physics, no amount of biology, No explanations from the fields of meteorology could ever explain away the wonder of how it is that water can fall from the sky, into a pile of dirt, seep into the roots of a tree, then back up the trunk, through the branches, into the leaves to end up producing this bulbous red and yellow creation of utter beauty. There is no science which could ever explain away the mystery and the wonder of how it is that the sun which just happens to be sitting up in the sky above us, could pour down upon that tree and make this apple taste so sweet. Artists and scientists are perhaps not so different in that both seem to want to share in the wonder of this nature. Both seem to want ot communicate it to others. I have to say though, the scientist seems a little more bent on controlling it, manipulating it or modifying it for personal gain. I remember David Suzuki in a CBC radio interview with a high placed executive at Shale Gas. The executive kept refering to water as a  ''resource'' and David kept saying: ''it is not a resource, it is a sacred source''

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