Language, communication, mimmicry, art, civilization
8th May 2011Posted in: Blog 0
Language, communication, mimmicry, art, civilization
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I have this theory that so much of what we people do linguistically is mere mimicry. Smoke and mirors of the tongue designed to communicate data such as: "I am going to hunt that elephant" or "Watch out there is a tiger over there!" or "Did you see her? She is going to bear my children someday!". It seems that is what language was really designed to do. Help us evolve. Armed with it, we can communicate across greater distances to more people simultaneously and so on as the advantages go. However, it seems a relatively poor tool when it comes to expressing feeling states which are as every art therapist will tell you: "essentially, non verbal". Sure, we have good verbal approximations for Happy, Sad and Angry, but nothing really says it like Laughing, Crying and Violence. When those things happen, you have no doubt that you are in the presence of something universally significant and ineffable about human nature. To pull the parallels a little further, these three feeling states could be the air, water and fire of human emotional existence. Three sources from which all emotional life stems. What if most of the talking we do essentially serves the purposes of productivity and the communication of data? This would mean that most of the talking we do is not serving the much needed purpose of communicating actual feeling states, the truth about our intentions and desires. For these things, surely, words do not suffice. Action is required there. As it turns out, nothing impells us to act more than the upsurge of emotional calling. We do need a left brain to balance this out, lest we take a trip back to our more primitive selves. Or maybe, we do need a trip back to our more primitve selves? Maybe that is something which art therapy can serve us collectively or individually. There is a big difference between the "exchanging" done through verbal communication and the "being as one" achieved through singing and other collective, creative enterprises. I think that is it: Words are for exchanging about being while feeling and doing are for being itself. Take love for example. Words can only convey so much of its meaning. Never can those words come close to what the actual thing does to you. I think we get caught up or tripped up in our own verbal language because we are neurologically designed to attend to it and find meaning in it, decipher and encode it. But what if we are fooling ourselves? What if we are trapped by knowledge as i attempt to portray in this work of art: if it is all little more than babies jumping about, making noise: (no offence to the wonderful babies in this clip) I don't want to downplay what they are saying, as they surely believe it is of the utmost importance just as we believe that we communicate something important through words. But do we? Is there anything you can say or is there as John Lennon suggests: "nothing you can say"? Perhpas as Lennon and McCartney point out: "There is nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time". These are my questions for this post. Hope you enjoy them.

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