shopping and spiritual emptiness
9th May 2011Posted in: Blog 0
shopping and spiritual emptiness
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I spent a couple hundred dollars on some nice pants and shoes the other day. I was going to walk past the shopping center but something drew me in. Not sure what. Bought some clothes for my body. Took them home, tried them on and felt dashing as i looked at myself in the mirror. Then, just at that moment, a deep hollow feeling set in. A splash of discomfort and pure thirst like. It felt as though i had been driving in 100 degree desert and realized half way to my home that the gas tank was empty and that i had 10 hours more of desert to drive through but not a drop of water. As my gas tank gives up its second to last death gargle, I realize that i am not going to make it home. I am going to die here, alone, of an unquenchable thirst brought on by the insatiable appetite of my driving-machine for energy. Though I thought i looked pretty smart at the time, i realized my pants were baggy, my shoes tight and i somehow had less than i did before making my purchase. I guess it is true that the things we own end up owning us. Still, i think it would be fun to be rich, run around, buy whatever you want, and just sit back waiting for the offers of mating and business opportunities to roll in. I wonder if the people who have those things sometimes feel that emptiness.


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