Music and Motivation
17th May 2011Posted in: Blog 0
Music and Motivation
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A while back, it was pouring rain. I got rained on going to work and started my day with damp shoes and a wet head. The rain had been falling for a couple of days straight and i was starting to think god had given up on us as i usually do when it rains for more than a couple of days in a row. At work, the children were a mess of disorganized energy because they had to stay in all day. Children don`t like to stay in all day because they have amounts of energy in excess of what mere adults can comprehend, and that energy must be vented outdoors in order to return to non critical levels. Anyone who works in a school like i do, knows this. Thus, when the children get excited, the adults responsible for them get exhausted. The light throughout the day was unusually poor and the mood seemed somber around me, amongst my colleagues. I was sensing or projecting i don`t know. After work, i left immediately, thinking of nothing other than a souple couch, a generous television and a warm cappuccino. Somehow, the rain's intensity had increased and i was due for a long walk to the unsheltered bus stop where i would have to wait god knows how long for a bus to pick me up. While i was doing that, i had my ipod in my ears like virtually everyone else in the city. My music played and within moments, i forgot that just that very morning, i had forgotten my umbrella in the subway. The rage from having been subjected to noise, verbal agression, incessant demands throughout the day subsided. I was returning to a natural me with every click of the marching beat in my music. Rythm and melody entangled in a wonderful dance as i stood in the rain. A moment later and the music dried my feet, warmed my head and emboldened me to continue on.

At this point, i thought to myself that music is really a kind of spiritual food. It nourishes our emotions, works its way into memories, transits through our bodies, carries us with it or pushes us somewhere else. Music is so important we don`t know how to explain how important it is. It is like trying to explain why life is important. There is no proof that life is important scientifically. We just know it is and that we are not supposed to harm it. Everything that sustains life is important. Everything which makes life more enjoyable is important to us. Throughout history, music has helped us commune with nature, and communicate with each other. On that particular rainy day the music took me out of my sorry thoughts and lifted me out of the rain i was in. Like an audio lotion flowing through my ears, the music calmed and reassured me that whatever pains i knew of could be let go for a while. Like a solier marching off to war, i was for a moment, no longer afraid of what i might be facing. Rather, i was under the spell of a universal voice. A voice which speaks more forcefully than reason but also more softly. A voice which knows how to whisper only to me. A voice which knows me better than I know myself. It is the sound of me before me there was.


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