On PS3 systems and Data on Cognition
19th Jul 2011Posted in: Blog 0
On PS3 systems and Data on Cognition
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The playstation 3 (ps3) system is connected to the internet. The ps3 is a platform which supports the running of games. Games are designed to test certain aspects of human cognition like map learning, demonstration of empathy, choice theory and aggression to name a few functions. I am going  out on an intuitive limb here to suggest that the ps3 system relays information to a central database which computes statistics on these functions. Put another way, i would suggest that big brother may be acquiring data about trends and tendencies of human nature through the ps3 system. After all, if i had a system capable of assessing human behaviour (mostly male behaviour) I would be inclined to figure out what the tendencies and trends were. In fact, knowing what people are doing is what advertising, government, politics, religion, power and domination are all about.

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