On Freud, Buddhism and
25th Jun 2012Posted in: Blog 0
On Freud, Buddhism and
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Psychodynamics, Buddhism, Religion, Medicine and Art have a lot in common. They all suggest that there are positive and negative forces at play in a human being . These five things suggest that positive energies can get stuck or blocked at certain stages and remain stagnant or even malignant in nature. In all cases, the underlying idea is that we can be healthy or unhealthy, happy or miserable, proud or ashamed, great or small. I heard somewhere that a great idea is something which emerges in many places at once. I think there that psychodynamics, Buddhism, Religion, Medecine and Art are things which emerged in different places at the same time. I believe that these forces move in confluence and that their ¬†shared objective is human evolution, human wellbeing.      

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