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If we are fighting alcoholism, we must take every wine bottle and every beer can and fill it with water. Thus, we ¬†have now surrounded ourselves with the illusion of alcohol but the truth of water. As we reach for what our desires crave we are justly and rightly punished for our superficial focus on […]

Perception, Observer, Consciousness, documentary style
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The reason why the documentary information sharing style has become so popular is that it places the viewer at center stage like no other medium can. Hollywood put stars at center stage and if we paid the right amount, we were allowed to sit front row, maybe even center of the row. If we were […]

Hovering Awareness, consciousness, Freud, Painting
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Freud referred to a certain power of observation as ”hovering awareness”. It is a kind of self outside the main self which is somewhat more objective, more able to step back and take some distance and perspective on what the rest of the self is doing. In CBT, this behaviour is called self monitoring¬†towards an […]

Long Showers and Memory
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There is a phenomenon, or perhaps we should call it a human tendency. That tendency is to take longer rather than shorter showers. My wife to be sure likes really really long showers. I don’t particularly like long showers as i find them wasteful on water but i definitely go beyond five minutes in the […]

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