Intelligent design
30th Nov 2010Posted in: Blog 0
Intelligent design
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When I look around me at say a piece of wood, i get to thinking...This wood, this wonderful wood which exists in abundance is such a magnificent thing. It provides us with natural shelter in the form of trees. It keeps noise out of our cities and pollution at bay. It provides us with oxygen and recycles our waste. When we cut it down and mold it, we can have houses. If we chop it into bits, we can have fire to cook or stay warm. We can fashion it into any children's toy or sculpt it into any work of art. We can bend it into bows and arrows to hunt. We can climb it to flee predators. You could say that Wood is a necessary condition to humanities survival. We simply would not have made it without trees. When i look at wood, i can't help but think to myself: My god, someone must have put this here just for us!  Then I think the whole thing is pretty brilliant really. I follow this thinking down the little bunny trail and I stop just before proclaiming that there is a god who put wood in front of me so that i would find it. Still, though, hard not to conclude that there is an underlying order to the universe.

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