Convergence of Social Ideas
13th Mar 2011Posted in: Blog 0
Convergence of Social Ideas
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One of the most fascinating things about our consciousness seems to me to be that we can witness the actual convergence of ideas socially. The same idea, occuring in two different people, worlds apart at roughly the same time. That is evidence of something greater than individualism. When i was 16 or so, i found myself in an altered state of consciousness where i began to ponder the universe as i did cutomarily around that age. Slowly, i was forming new ideas about Buddhism and notions of Taoism.  The curious thing is that i had never read anything on those subjects and that to my knowledge, the word Buddhism had never been spoken to my ears. Soon after i began to have these thoughts on my parent's' balcony in toronto, i fell upon a number of books which told me that what i had been thinking about was actually known to people thousands of years ago as Taoism. How is it that I came to see what was in the mind of people who existed many years before me? Is there some universal truth in the narrative of Buddhism? or am i making things up?

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