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If we are fighting alcoholism, we must take every wine bottle and every beer can and fill it with water. Thus, we  have now surrounded ourselves with the illusion of alcohol but the truth of water. As we reach for what our desires crave we are justly and rightly punished for our superficial focus on alcohol. The punishment we receive is the water, the pure truth of what we crave. It is the punishement as reward rather than the situation in which the alcoholic drinks the reward as punishement. The same paradox exists in smoking. Smoke is the illusion of a reward laid atop the truth of serious punishement. Quitting requires the acceptance of short term punishemement which sits atop the long term reward of having kicked the habbit. We are not programmed to seek difficulty and discomfort which is why quitting a pleasurable habbit is so difficult. If we can however learn to accept and even enjoy a small amount of pain and discomfort then we can achieve a great many things. Exercise is a good example of short term pain for long term gain. We suffer on the treadmill now but we benefit in the doctor`s office with good heart health later.  In my brief martial arts training in Tae Kwon Do, much of the work was directed towards accepting the pain. The teacher would often say to us: ''accept'', he would repeat this over and over as we moaned and groaned. Once we got over the initial discomfort, we were able to begin changing our bodies.

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