Long Showers and Memory
21st Mar 2011Posted in: Blog 0
Long Showers and Memory
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There is a phenomenon, or perhaps we should call it a human tendency. That tendency is to take longer rather than shorter showers. My wife to be sure likes really really long showers. I don't particularly like long showers as i find them wasteful on water but i definitely go beyond five minutes in the hot, steamy moment. I have noticed on a number of recent occasions that being under the hot water seems to trigger, enhance, amplify biographical memories. As i stand beneath the waterfall, i am often taken back to a place in time. Though the brain apparently has no sensation or pain receptors, my body may be thrown back to an archetypal state or perhaps simply some earlier state of development in utero. Hot showers could be like a womb where the body memory is concerned. Incidentally, as i read the above paragraph, it seems odd to me that brain has no pain receptors when it is itself, in fact a huge pain receptor.  Is that not like saying that water is not wet, or weight is not heavy?

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