Religion Is Morphing...Again...
3rd Apr 2011Posted in: Blog 0
Religion Is Morphing…Again…
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I love thinking about gender and this post truly just fell in my lap about half an hour ago. Masculine Gods? Feminine Gods? There are signs that religion is starting to crack under the pressure. This is a good crack. With it comes some increased flexibility because what does not bend, must break. There are signs that religion is opening up. Christian and Catholic structures are looking for ways to assimilate, diverge and inherit. It is becoming increasingly clear that exclusion of social groups is a losing game played only by losers. My wife and i decided to let these two young south Koreans in for a chat about the new church of God. We told them to read "the Pagan Christ" and they suggested we read the "Book of Revelations". All in all, a fruitful and respectful discussion in which some points of view were exchanged. I seriously doubt they are going to read the book we suggested to them because they presented to us that that book had been written by man. When we countered that the bible was also written by man, there was a pretty long silence i have to say. Still, i commended them on their inclusiveness and their interest incorporating the notion of a Godess mother into Christianity. Even though other religions have incorporated female goddesses into their teachings for millenia.  Christianity really dropped the ball on femininity by making the male the god and leaving the female at the lowly rank of artificially inseminated slave. I am glad to see they are trying to pick up the pieces so god bless them and i wish them all the best. By the way, when i asked them if the church of God had any plans to accept in incorporate gays into their ministry, it was made pretty clear that gay people are still going to hell even though women are hereforth going to be accepted as equals. 20110403-033548.jpg 20110403-034100.jpg

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