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The Pronoun “I” in a Technocracy
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I assure you,  the irony is not lost on me. We seem to be living in a world with the greatest of paradoxes and contradictions. As the internet and technology bring many people closer together, we forget that over 70% of the world don't have access to the net.  So the distance between us and them actually got bigger because we grew more tightly knit through social networking and they grew more marginal by being left out of the social networks and the education that the internet enables. In fact, the generation gap may never have been larger because people of a certain age seem to find it difficult to wrap their thinking around terminology and the learning curve required to assimilate computer know how.  Like any language, it is much easier to learn at a younger age. We now have many older people who want nothing to do with computers, not fully realizing how these machines are reshaping how we comunicate. So in some ways the net is bringing us together while keeping us appart, at home, in front of our computers, poking each other on facebook.  An interesting thing is starting to happen. Perhpas a trend. I-phones, I-pods, I-pads. i3, i4, i5, i6 and i7 central processing units. Youtube. Coincidence? Or is the machine using the pronouns I and You? I have windows 7 installed on my pc. and I swear to you a windows  message popped up soon after the first boot up. Guess what? The computer refered to itself as "I"!  I think I will leave it at that.

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