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Incarceration, Drug War, Planned Futility
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A very good, and fair documentary about the failure of the war on drugs and the correctional system. Planned futility is how i describe the basis of our economic functioning because as one speaker in the documentary points out, you need unemployment in a capitalist economy. Without unemployment, there is no way to keep wages down and so competition and capitalism depend on a certain amount of futility, redundancy and ineficiency in the system in order to flourish. If the system is efficient, there are no jobs to be done.  Here is a documentary which is standing in full support of the one mentioned above. This documentary about laws and drug policies in Amsterdam is basically proof of the futility of the drug war in Canada and the U.S. Amsterdam has some of the lowest rates of teen-age pregnancy, some of the lowest rates of sexually transmitted diseases and some of the lowest rates of heroin use and drug addiction globally, did i mention they also have the lowest emprisonment rate in the western world. Here it is: What do you think?

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