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Collection of Ted Talks Related to Art Therapy, Neurology and Society
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This Ted Talk presents some interesting ideas about lying and just how much of it you and i are doing. I enjoyed this talk very much and paid special attention to the nuances between verbal and non verbal behaviour being described by the speaker.

A Ted Talk by one of my favourite psychologists Phillip Zimbardo talking about boys brains and why they are failing globally.This talk touches me personally as i work with boys who are largely fatherless and without direction, kicked out of so many schools...

A Ted Talk on Gender and the Fall of Man. I usually enjoy any intelligent conversation about gender. It is an endlessly rich and complex subject and just when you think you have seen everything to do with it, there are new perspectives which emerge. I liked this talk a lot because it is presented by a woman who seems to have a lot of empathy for the state of manhood today. I have always thought that we can only have justice when women march for men, whites march for the rights of blacks and we all march for compassion. This speaker makes the compelling argument that boys are in dire need of direction because the positions which men used to occupy are no longer available. Her talk is one of the most graceful, humble acknowledgements of women's new role as leaders of society which i have ever heard. I particularly enjoy how she claims some responsibility for the state of men in society today and positions women as ultimately responsible for ensuring men's success in the future. It is in my view an enlightened position.


Ted Talk on Compassion. This is a wonderful talk too. I have to say that everything the speaker says about compassion i was following with much interest but for some reason, she makes her message explicit to women and draws links throughout her talk between women and compassion. It seems to me, if there is one thing you want to be inclusive about, it is a discussion about compassion. I think there can sometimes be a bias, or a tendency towards linking nurturing, empathy and compassion with women's work. I resent such implications, but still the talk is interesting overall.

Ted Talk on Looking Inside the Brain

I will let you judge for youself why this short talk is both fascinating and scary.

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