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Hi, thanks for visiting the tomartist website. The site is made up of two basic parts: 1. Tomartist's Gallery and 2. The Art Therapy and Neurology Blog. The Tomartist gallery features my artwork in painting and mixed media. The Art Therapy Blog features my daily posts about anything even remotely related to art therapy or neurology. The blog is intended for art therapists, art educators and anyone interested in the fields of art,  therapy and neurology. You may not know this yet but that basically means everyone. To find out a bit more about my perspective and how i came to be an art therapist, read on...

I am going to try and summarize my life's work and purpose on this planet in a couple of paragraphs.  I grew up being exposed to acting, dancing and music. I didn't realize that visual art was the bigger part of my life's picture till later on.  I pursued a bachelor's degree in psychology then, while I continued to guess at what my life was supposed to be, I completed a bachelor's degree in painting and drawing.  Slowly, I was becoming a generalist. One day, upon flipping through an academic calendar, I discovered a field known as art therapy. I was ecstatic to find there was a discipline which combined my passions for art and psychology.  Since then art therapy has become my life. It motivates everything I do, say, make and think.  The theory and practice of art therapy are at the root of everything I put in my images.

The work on this site comes from a place deeply concerned about the course of humanity;  driven by a need to re-evaluate our accepted conceptualization of the universe as a machine rather than an organism.  I paint in the most natural way possible, attempting always to return to the lowest common denominator of human being.

Though a rational mind influences my painters instincts, I have learned to silence that chattering monkey and find a place which is literally beyond words. As forms and colours combine, meaning emerges in the image. I can look at the image the way a neurologist looks at neurons to see what the “inside” is doing.

What I can see in these images are vestiges of who we could have been.  Assembled in these paintings is an emergent language made up of pre-rational, pre-verbal, universal, immutable symbols. The symbols which surface tell me something at once general and specific about myself. Enjoy the Gallery and the Blog where you can also leave me your thoughts and I will get back to you.


General Specific, Oil on Canvas, 30" X 40", 2010, Tom