Art, Therapy, Neuroscience and Society Blog
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Welcome to the Art Therapy, Neurology and Society blog.  The ideas expressed in this blog are my own musings about the connection between art, therapy, neurology and society.  I don't intend to impart advice of any kind in a world of multiple truths, but I am looking for an exchange and dialogue to point me to where those truths can be found.   ART starts back some 75,000 years ago, past the earliest discovered fragments of human creativity. There is some art in everything we touch. Art began when the first human made something. Whether it was a tool, a weapon, a shelter, a song, or a painting on the walls of a cave, the creative act has always pulled the human psyche forward and passed it onward. When something we create has the potential to reflect back to us some significant dimension of who we are, then we call that not only good art but therapeutic art. The origins of art as therapy reside in the earliest acts of human creativity.  THERAPY starts around the time of the first human's suffering. Since then we have been driven to seek some form of remedy through art, philosophy, psychology, education, religion and pharmacology. NEUROSCIENCE is the study of mind-brain through a quantitative lens. It is the budding tree in which we find our individual and collective identities jostled about. SOCIETY is the part of this blog title dealing with sociocultural institutions such as education, justice, military and health care. If it is somewhere in the intersection between art, therapy, neuroscience and society then I plan to cover it sooner or later in this blog. If this sounds like your kind of journey please continue reading here:

Street angel made by chance out of refuse

Street angel occurring spontaneously when a Kleenex tissue was run over by  a car tire.