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The Peace and Love Project
23rd Aug 2016Posted in: Art Education, Blog, Uncategorized 0

This post explores the educational and therapeutic potential of tie-dye shirt making.  

On Art Therapy or Art Education? What About Just Plain Old Art?
11th Mar 2014Posted in: Blog, Uncategorized 0

The exhibition “Parle-moi d’amour” opened on Valentine’s day, 2014. What follows is a review of that show and an analysis of the wonderful experience of being immersed in it. Particular emphasis will be placed on the work of art therapist Pascale Godbout. Her piece entitled “Nous” ¬†is reviewed as a metaphorical representation of the complex […]

14th Oct 2011Posted in: Art Education 0

These spiders were made in the spirit of halloween by children aged 5-6 years with mild intellectual defficiency. Styrofoam balls, pencils for poking holes and pipe cleaners for legs and little bits of pasta for feet. Embodying our fear of spiders, these creatures take us a long way to feeling more comfortable with “the other”. […]

The Power of Masks
4th Oct 2011Posted in: Art Education, Blog, Uncategorized 1

  These masks speak for themselves. Made by 10-11 yr. olds with special needs. ¬†Plaster casts of ready made faces. Acrylic paint and Psyche.