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Counter-Productive Effects of Multitasking: Running vs. Learning 2
4th Dec 2012Posted in: Blog 2

Following my initial post about the ”counter productive effects of multitasking: Running vs. Learning” which you can read about here:    a number of new observations have been made in the area of an experienced relationship between cardiovascular exercise (jogging) and audio stimulation. After 5 consecutive trials, I have observed support for my initial […]

On Individual Differences of Cognitive Styles: Thought Vs. Feeling
13th Oct 2011Posted in: Blog 1

Anyone can pretty easily see that they are different from the person next to them. Look around and notice how the shape of your face is different from anyone else’s. Your eyes are also, unless you have an identical twin. The humanist in me respects those differences but chooses to focus on what makes us […]