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Overt Sexism?
13th Dec 2010Posted in: Blog 0

There is a term that i hear in Quebec about 4 or 5 times a year between the months of october and april. That term, makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck every time because i am acutely aware that the people using it are not bad people. They don`t mean […]

General Malaise
5th Dec 2010Posted in: Blog 0

The further we move along on this path, the more i feel isolated and removed from what is going on. Every time i ask a question of my fellow man about what is going on in the world, how and why it is happening, i am first amazed to find that my fellow man has […]

Male aggression
5th Dec 2010Posted in: Blog 0

At the YMCA today,  a couple of things happened. 1) My wife and I were floored to find out that our gym memberships were going to cost us a total of $1335.00 for the year. We wondered how and Y a non profit, charitable organization like the Young Men’s Christian Association could be charging that […]