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On the Experience of Time While in Movement: An Intra-Subjective n=1 Study
29th Sep 2011Posted in: Blog 0

This post summarizes my personal experience of the passing of time while jogging,  roller-blading or bicycling and listening to music of either fast or slow tempo. The idea for this post emerged because i began to notice that my experience of time passing varied consistently depending on whether i was jogging, rollerblading or bicycling and […]

Road to Virtue
20th Jun 2011Posted in: Blog 0

I  don`t know if i am virtuous. I think there is a rule that if you are virtuous, you`re not supposed to say: ”I am virtuous” it is kind of like saying: ”I am humble” because if you were really humble, you would not telling people about it.  I can say though that i am […]