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Galantry, Women
20th May 2011Posted in: Blog 0

I was floored when a young woman offered me the available seat on a packed bus this morning. Of course, i did not take the offer because i am a man. Of course i had just offered the seat next to it to another woman who seemed to think she was entitled to it but […]

Pornographic Society
14th May 2011Posted in: Blog 1

So now that we live in a pornographic society where the sexuality of women is draped above us like a holy grail, are we still going to pretend that rape is a man’s problem? We have often heard the feminist position that rape is about power and control and not about sex. But sex itself […]

Slut Walks, Gender Talks, Feminism
11th May 2011Posted in: Blog 0

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about women`s rights spurred on by the foolish comments of an ontario cop. The cop apparently suggested that female victims of sexual assault must sometimes accept some responsibility for the crime because the way they were dressed sent mixed signals to the men who commited those crimes. […]

Religion Is Morphing...Again...
3rd Apr 2011Posted in: Blog 0

I love thinking about gender and this post truly just fell in my lap about half an hour ago. Masculine Gods? Feminine Gods? There are signs that religion is starting to crack under the pressure. This is a good crack. With it comes some increased flexibility because what does not bend, must break. There are […]

Boys and Men
11th Jan 2011Posted in: Blog 0

I have just watched a documentary found here about the violent rite of passage boys must navigate in order to become men. Because violence is perceived as an integral component of being a man, nearly all of the violence on the planet is inflicted by men. Yet, I know of one R and B […]

top documentaries
11th Jan 2011Posted in: Blog 0

The Emasculating Truth Global consciousness is really buzzing right now. It is stimulated by the internet like an individual in the midst of an enormous thought. This documentary is an indication of what i have just said. It is a remise en question of the nature of masculinity. Human consciousness is waking up. There […]

11th Jan 2011Posted in: Blog 0

The instructor talks us through an hour and half of movement and stillness. Within a matter of minutes, the sound of my breath replaces the sound of my chattering mind. “What about this? What about that? I am analyzing possibilities, computing probabilities, all fall by the way side as i tune in to the pulse […]

Men and War and My Army
6th Jan 2011Posted in: Blog 0

If i had to make up an army. I would make an army of peace. They would be armed, well funded and go to conflict areas around the world and kill everyone who is found to be fighting. Eventually, the army of peace would eradicate all fighting people and eventually, the gene would be rooted […]

Overt Sexism?
13th Dec 2010Posted in: Blog 0

There is a term that i hear in Quebec about 4 or 5 times a year between the months of october and april. That term, makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck every time because i am acutely aware that the people using it are not bad people. They don`t mean […]

Attractiveness and Aesthetic
10th Dec 2010Posted in: Blog 0

14 – I’m beautiful Some women have an appearance which is classical. Some have aqualine noses, or baroque figures. The most appreciated female forms have varied throughout civilizations and times. In our western cultures, today, there is a narrow but widely accepted definition of what the most appreciated female appearance should be. This is what […]

The power of sex
7th Dec 2010Posted in: Blog 0

To my knowldedge, we have yet to address the issue of what is one of the most sought after natural ressources of all. Sex continues to be bought and sold, tax free, bartered traded, used as an economic stimulus and comercial incentive. Who then will proceed to a valuation of this most precious comodity?  It`s net worth to […]