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On The Preservation of the Therapeutic Container
27th Nov 2011Posted in: Blog 0

  In any form of psychotherapy whether it be humanistic, cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic there is some high degree of importance placed on the establishment and maintenance of a therapeutic container or frame. The notion of a therapeutic container is taken in part from Winnicott who stressed the importance of the initial holding environment in the […]

Symptoms of Psychiatric Illness vs. Characteristics of the Painting Process
24th Jan 2011Posted in: Blog 0

It occurred to me, upon reviewing the diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia that most, if not all of the symptoms are various forms of experience which¬†a painter can¬†encounter while painting. Perhaps this observation could be generalized to all artists engaged in the creative process accross all modalities whether in drama, music or visual art. Delusions, hallucinations, […]

Roots of depression
4th Dec 2010Posted in: Blog 0

There is little doubt in my mind that whatever observable biological manifestations depression exists, such as decreased available serotonin occur as a bi-product of primary psycho-social manifestations.

Depression, symptoms
4th Dec 2010Posted in: Blog 0

Though i have never observed it written anywhere, swollen lymph nodes and dehydration are in my intuition correlated symptoms of depression.