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On the Lateralization of Emotion and Inter-Hemispheric Communication
1st Oct 2012Posted in: Blog 2

Recently, i was watching the World War II colour documentary series by Time. Having long been fascinated with pictures and stories from that period of our history, I have ploughed through dozens of documentaries about Hitler in utter amazement. The period interests me because fascism had never been seen on the scale the Nazis brought […]

On Group Behavioural Synergy and PS3 Data on Cognition
21st Jun 2012Posted in: Blog 0

In some first person shooters such as Socom 4, there is a phenomenon of group behvioural synergy experienced during gameplay.  When people are playing a game together, even remotely, in different countries, across different cultural parameters, there is a naturally occurring group-action phenomenon in effect. People are acting together towards a common goal and their […]

On Therapeutic Effects in Art Therapy
29th Dec 2011Posted in: Blog 1

    Back in the beginning, when i was doing my internship at a children’s hospital in Montreal, the supervising psychiatrist invited me and my wife to his home for dinner. My internship under him had been somewhat tumultuous over a period of about 8 months because i felt insecure about my competence and particularly […]

Art Therapy, Neurology, PTST, OCD
6th Jul 2011Posted in: Blog 0

De kooning said that the goal of the painting is to make the invisible visible. Art therapy makes implicit memory explicit. There is a really interesting triangulation of data to be observed between the fields of art, psychotherapy and neurology. Painters study the brain from experience. They are accessing neurological information through the constant interplay […]

The narrative of neurology
28th Jun 2011Posted in: Blog 0

As i read more in the area of neurology i sense something starting to happen. It is as though the very dry and taxinomical content of neurological text has some relationship to the bible or to some other great human narrative. It is as though the power of narrative is so strong in a human […]

Counter-Productive Effects of Multitasking: Running vs. Learning
16th May 2011Posted in: Blog 1

I discovered today, much against my expectations that it can be difficult to run on the tread mill while concentrating on an audio book. This experiential data runs contrary to what i would expect because as a painter, i am often painting while also being intensely focused on things like documentaries or audiobooks. I have […]

Neurological Substrates of Painting, Seeing, Touching and Talking in the Inferior Parietal Lobule
4th Apr 2011Posted in: Blog 0

Hi folks guess you can tell I am in another creative phase. I have been making art enough for a few more weeks of tomartist updates. Not sure if you remember but a while back I was asking myself some questions about neurology and the painting process. I was curious to try and understand why […]

Long Showers and Memory
21st Mar 2011Posted in: Blog 0

There is a phenomenon, or perhaps we should call it a human tendency. That tendency is to take longer rather than shorter showers. My wife to be sure likes really really long showers. I don’t particularly like long showers as i find them wasteful on water but i definitely go beyond five minutes in the […]

Art Therapy, Painting, Process
13th Mar 2011Posted in: Blog 0

The first person view is of particular usefulness in the acount of how art therapy works. The race is on right now to put the huge body of knowledge which art therapy relies on, into scientific language. However, we must remember that experience and observation do have scientific value, if not validity. We must not […]

Art Therapy and Spirituality
6th Feb 2011Posted in: Blog 0

What if spirituality as we know it, does not exist on the plane of scientific fields of enquiry? What if looking into spirituality with a scientific gaze is like trying to read Greek, knowing only Latin.  I think a lot of people are starting to agree that spirituality is socially constructed. That does not make […]

positive psychology and Art therapy
6th Feb 2011Posted in: Blog 0

It dawned on me like a slap in the face which somehow makes you feel great.  Psycholgy over emphasizes, over focuses on the negative experiences of human beings as a whole. The areas of research which get the funding are those that focus on solving problems. This trend is echoed in the pinacle of this […]

Music and the brain
5th Feb 2011Posted in: Blog 0

A lot of the interest in the neurology of music seems to focus on a special kind of physical experience which people have in relation to music. That experience consists of what some call: “chills” which arrive as the consequence of listening to music which one finds very moving. I have personally experienced those “chills” […]

top documentaries
11th Jan 2011Posted in: Blog 0

The Emasculating Truth Global consciousness is really buzzing right now. It is stimulated by the internet like an individual in the midst of an enormous thought. This documentary is an indication of what i have just said. It is a remise en question of the nature of masculinity. Human consciousness is waking up. There […]

neurology 1
11th Dec 2010Posted in: Blog 0

it is miraculous to ponder that the human brain can simultaneously calculate time, distance, velocity, trajectory, while also moving the body towards an object moving in space, such as a baseball. The fact that the mind can do this is surely proof of incredible its power.