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On Freud, Buddhism and
25th Jun 2012Posted in: Blog 0

Psychodynamics, Buddhism, Religion, Medicine and Art have a lot in common. They all suggest that there are positive and negative forces at play in a human being . These five things suggest that positive energies can get stuck or blocked at certain stages and remain stagnant or even malignant in nature. In all cases, the […]

Pornographic Society
14th May 2011Posted in: Blog 1

So now that we live in a pornographic society where the sexuality of women is draped above us like a holy grail, are we still going to pretend that rape is a man’s problem? We have often heard the feminist position that rape is about power and control and not about sex. But sex itself […]

positive psychology and Art therapy
6th Feb 2011Posted in: Blog 0

It dawned on me like a slap in the face which somehow makes you feel great.  Psycholgy over emphasizes, over focuses on the negative experiences of human beings as a whole. The areas of research which get the funding are those that focus on solving problems. This trend is echoed in the pinacle of this […]