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On Freud, Buddhism and
25th Jun 2012Posted in: Blog 0

Psychodynamics, Buddhism, Religion, Medicine and Art have a lot in common. They all suggest that there are positive and negative forces at play in a human being . These five things suggest that positive energies can get stuck or blocked at certain stages and remain stagnant or even malignant in nature. In all cases, the […]

Science versus Nature
21st Mar 2011Posted in: Blog 0

When it comes to a really delicious royal Gala or Empire apple, there is is absolutely nothing science could do to take it away from me. No amount of physics, no amount of biology, No explanations from the fields of meteorology could ever explain away the wonder of how it is that water can fall […]

Art Therapy, Painting, Process
13th Mar 2011Posted in: Blog 0

The first person view is of particular usefulness in the acount of how art therapy works. The race is on right now to put the huge body of knowledge which art therapy relies on, into scientific language. However, we must remember that experience and observation do have scientific value, if not validity. We must not […]

Religion vs. Science
25th Feb 2011Posted in: Blog 0

Moses may have parted the sea but Galileo put the sun in the centre of our universe. Jesus may have turned water into wine but Darwin made a monkey give birth to a human. You tell me who’s miracles are greater.