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shopping and spiritual emptiness
9th May 2011Posted in: Blog 0

I spent a couple hundred dollars on some nice pants and shoes the other day. I was going to walk past the shopping center but something drew me in. Not sure what. Bought some clothes for my body. Took them home, tried them on and felt dashing as i looked at myself in the mirror. […]

Art Therapy and Spirituality
6th Feb 2011Posted in: Blog 0

What if spirituality as we know it, does not exist on the plane of scientific fields of enquiry? What if looking into spirituality with a scientific gaze is like trying to read Greek, knowing only Latin.  I think a lot of people are starting to agree that spirituality is socially constructed. That does not make […]

11th Jan 2011Posted in: Blog 0

The instructor talks us through an hour and half of movement and stillness. Within a matter of minutes, the sound of my breath replaces the sound of my chattering mind. “What about this? What about that? I am analyzing possibilities, computing probabilities, all fall by the way side as i tune in to the pulse […]