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On Group Behavioural Synergy and PS3 Data on Cognition
21st Jun 2012Posted in: Blog 0

In some first person shooters such as Socom 4, there is a phenomenon of group behvioural synergy experienced during gameplay.  When people are playing a game together, even remotely, in different countries, across different cultural parameters, there is a naturally occurring group-action phenomenon in effect. People are acting together towards a common goal and their […]

The Pronoun
5th Apr 2011Posted in: Blog, Uncategorized 0

I assure you,  the irony is not lost on me. We seem to be living in a world with the greatest of paradoxes and contradictions. As the internet and technology bring many people closer together, we forget that over 70% of the world don’t have access to the net.  So the distance between us and […]

Science versus Nature
21st Mar 2011Posted in: Blog 0

When it comes to a really delicious royal Gala or Empire apple, there is is absolutely nothing science could do to take it away from me. No amount of physics, no amount of biology, No explanations from the fields of meteorology could ever explain away the wonder of how it is that water can fall […]